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 RE/MAX/City Realtor, Adam Balawender, specializes in Chicago real estate, Chicago short sales and Chicago foreclosures and has years of experience working with Chicago real estate sellers and Chicago real estate buyers.

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Whether you are looking to buy Chicago real estate, sell or Short Sale your existing property, it’s important to hire the right Chicago Realtor to get you the best deal possible. Buyers and sellers need an experienced Chicago real estate agent with a comprehensive understanding of the Chicago, Illinois real estate market - who can feel the shifts and fluctuations in the moment and potential trends down the road.
The Chicago real estate market is a lot different then it was even one year ago and with so many foreclosures and short sales currently on the market, sellers especially, need every advantage they can get. RE/MAX City Realtor, Adam Balawender, uses the best tools available and will position your Chicago real estate to sell as quickly as possible for the best price. If you are looking to purchase Chicago real estate,  Adam will help you find the best deal possible in the right neighborhood to fit your lifestyle, budget and needs


Did you notice ...???

Like never before, technology and the Internet are at the forefront of our lives and have dramatically changed the way we do business. The Real estate industry is no exception. Gone are the old school days of real estate brochures, flyers, cold calls, open houses and snail mail. For Realtors to compete in today’s market, they must becutting edge, cyber brokers, technologically savvy and have a firm grasp ofreal estate Internet marketing.

   You must not ignore the fact…

Technological innovations such as the Internet, cell phones and email have changed the way people search for information about Chicago real estate and how they go about purchasing it. Chicago Home buyers and sellers use theInternet as a key source of information gathering and the real estate industry has become more Web-based then ever, despite the fact that most home buyers use a Chicago real estate agent in their home purchase process.
When it comes to technology and the Internet, Chicago RE/MAX City Realtor, Adam Balawender is not your ordinary Realtor. He understands that a strong Internet presence is vital for promoting and positioning his real estate services and the Chicago real estate, Chicago short sales and Chicago foreclosure properties he sells.  Adam also knows that Internet marketing practices like: search engine optimization, market geo-targeting and video and article marketing strategies are essential components for success.
If you are looking for an experienced Chicago real estate agent that is above the crowd, RE/MAX City Realtor, Adam Balawender is your man! He is plugged in, dialed in and always on the look out for innovative ways to reach more people and provide better customer service. Through years of hard work, determination and exemplary care given to all his clients, Adam Balawender has become a leader in the Chicago real estate market.

 Chicagoland Real Estate Experts

social-globe-searchIf you are thinking about selling your Chicago IL home, we have years of experience and extensive training in cutting-edge, online marketing technologies for today’s competitive market. If you are behind on your mortgage and don’t know what to do, we are experts in Chicago IL short sales.
The first step in the selling process is to provide you with an in-depth comparative market analysis (CMA) on your home. We will then create a comprehensive online game plan to get your Chicago IL real estate in front of as many people as possible and get it sold as quickly as possible!
We also offer expertise in the home buying process, focusing on the Chicago area and surrounding Suburbs. Give us a call today for a list of Chicago IL homes for sale  that are currently available in your area of interest.
As an investor, we have several services available in the preparation for the sale of REO’S and Short Sale properties. This includes a variety of professional sub-contractors who can do whatever is needed to prepare the property for sale. Once the property is ready, we can also help you with your unique marketing needs.
Whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest, we offer Chicago IL real estate services in the following counties, but not limited to:
Please give us a call today at  773.671.4663  and let us know how we can best serve your Chicago Metro real estate needs!
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